“Neighbors” gives a great laugh!


This is a poster for Neighbors (2014 film).

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This is a poster for Neighbors (2014 film).

Before watching Neighbors, it can be difficult to expect anything but Zac Efron acting pretty and Seth Rogan cracking stupid jokes. From the start, the movie turns out to be much more because it is actually very funny.

The film starts out with two young parents, Mac (Seth Rogan) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) Radner, settling into a nice community where they plan to raise their newborn baby daughter. Before they can even enjoy the quiet neighborhood, a rowdy fraternity — Delta Psi Beta — moves in next door and wreaks havoc on their peace. Despite their seemingly friendly smiles, the frat boys unleash their revenge as the Radners add fuel to the flame with their evil plans of getting the boys to leave.

Of course, this movie can be expected to contain numerous party scenes with images of drunk or high college kids, and it does. The two parents who are trying to cope with the reality of being “adults” even joined the college kids a few times to get friendly and even seek revenge. These unrealistic scenes can leave one laughing, especially when Mac takes advantage of the illegal drugs. Rogan is one of the few people that can really successfully pull off these types of party animal characters. Even Rose Byrne impresses with her seductive attitude.

It is really these party scenes and vengeful schemes that make the movie remotely funny. Otherwise,the rest of the movie consists of unnecessary nudity, lame dirty jokes and really unrealistic scenarios.

There are certain comedies that can leave one regretting paying to watch them. This one is not one of those. It can be expected to see some graphic scenes when watching comedy films; however, this one has one specific scene that was quite odd because it displays very questionable parenting.

In addition to questionable scenes, there are also some very unrealistic scenarios which include removing airbags and installing them in sofa cushions and desk chairs. It is undoubtedly amusing, but when something is so unrealistic, even in a comedy, the movie can start to become bland. Nevertheless, the movie is extremely funny, not to mention very interesting during the more serious scenes with Efron.

Overall, Neighbors can be considered a relatively good movie, especially because it has become increasingly difficult to find funny movies that actually make you laugh out loud. This movie is bound to give you many laughs!