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Nazan Titizian

Nazan Titizian, Staff Writer/Photographer

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Countless hours of watching One Tree Hill makes up most of my free time. Along with singing different covers of songs. When I am not singing,(which is almost never) you'll find me reading a book at 3 A.M.,obsessing over a new character. Also, my weekends consist of hanging with my friends...Tututu

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:  Sports aren't really my thing. Outside of school, I take acting and singing lessons. I play the piano and write my own music. I also only eat the frosting off cupcakes.

THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE ME ARE: Stubborn, outspoken, independent

IN TWENTY YEARS: I see myself in New York City sitting in a coffee shop writing my next single or working on a new script. I will hopefully be very happy with my career, surrounded with loving family and friends.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Rebel against yourself."

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Nazan Titizian