Dangers of the Metaverse



Mark Zuckerberg giving the Facebook 2018 keynote speech. The 2021 conference is about Facebook changing its name and the release of the Metaverse.

Nicholas Di Fusco, Staff Writer

Mark Zuckerberg held a conference in October to show his future plans for Facebook. He announced that a new universe called the Metaverse is being built. Zuckerberg calls it the “last frontier.” The idea is that people will use VR headsets to travel through a virtual universe. There will be avatars that people can personalize who can then travel to different places in the Metaverse. The avatars can go to concerts, meet other avatars, or even go to a business meeting. The Metaverse has generated so much interest that several investors have bought land in the Metaverse and in a similar platform called Decentraland. Investors believe that this will be the future of the economy and civilization. It’s estimated that in a few years everyone will be involved with Decentraland or Metaverse whether it’s for their job or for enjoyment.

Personally, the idea of living in a computer-generated world is my idea of hell. I realize that many people will probably want to live in a pixelated universe but I prefer to stay within the confines of human existence. I realize that I’m considered old-fashioned for saying this but based on what I see in social media; humanity isn’t ready for the Metaverse. However, I do agree that the Metaverse will one day be the future of society because companies will see a massive opportunity to increase their profit by investing in this virtual world. Once major companies move over to the Metaverse it will soon force everyone else to join.  It’s already considered a real estate market because one investor paid $1.7 million for virtual land. It’s certain that one day the Metaverse will be in our lives as much as email and text messages. 

Another concern is the security of the Metaverse. It’s human nature to take technology and use it for nefarious purposes. People will only abuse this technology and exploit its flaws. The New York Times also found that the only way for the Metaverse to work is if a mass amount of data is gathered from the people who use it. It’s common knowledge that Facebook uses the public’s data for profit so how can we trust Facebook to create a world that will protect our privacy? Many people are leaving Facebook for this reason and allowing humanity’s future to rely on Facebook is an insane idea. 

Society is currently taking lessons from a man who doesn’t understand psychology and has no interpretation of human emotion and yet many people are okay with the idea of one man controlling the future. A historical example would come from  President “Teddy” Roosevelt who broke up large corporations to prove that not one company can monopolize the American Economy and yet in the modern age, society now lets a multi-billion dollar CEO own their future. The worst part is that Zuckerberg’s idea of the future will only end in loneliness and violence.