Rise Of A New School Year


During Senior Sunrise event students join together to watch the sunrise.

Serineh Ohanian, Magazine Editor

On Sept. 10, Clark students woke up early and headed to the school at 6 a.m. to watch the sunrise with their senior class and celebrate the beginning of the end. This event was started by the class of 2020 but was not held for the class of 2021 due to Covid restrictions. Seniors arrived at the annual Senior Sunrise event with chairs, dressed in warm clothing, wrapped in a blanket, and enjoyed fresh Krispy Kreme donuts and rich hot chocolate, as they all watched the sunrise together. 

Students had to wake up as early as 5:15 a.m., they experienced the journey to school at dawn. “Driving up to school that early was such a unique experience, with the empty roads and fresh air,” said senior Reneh Meseropian. “Getting up that early to pick up my friends, and getting starbucks will be something I will never forget. I can not wait for Clark to do more senior events like this,” Meseropian said.  

As Covid restrictions are slowly being lifted, students are finally able to safely enjoy all of the annual senior events. “The Senior Sunrise is a great way to represent the new opportunities we get to participate in as seniors at Clark, since last year we were not able to enjoy any school events,” said senior Emanuel Chakbanardyan. The sunrise event has marked the start of senior year at Clark, and is the first event hosted for seniors this year. “It was nice to do something so simple as watching the sunrise on the front steps of the school,” said Chakabanardyan. 

After the sun rose students did not want to wait for school to start at 8:30am so most students decided to head off of campus. “We didn’t want to sit around and do nothing for 2 hours,” said senior Deanna Sargsyan. “All of us just got into my car and since it was early in the morning we wanted to get breakfast. We drove to IHOP and apparently other people had the same idea because we saw at least 50 people we knew, so we all decided to get a table together. All of us got to sit together and talk about our memories from the last 4 years,” said Sargsyan.  

As we rise to a new beginning, the sunrise depicts the start to the rest of the last year for Clark seniors. “I debated waking up for the sunrise, but I’m glad I did because it was amazing to sit with the entire class of 2022 and look at a beautiful skyline,” said senior Anthony Gregorian. In the spring, Clark seniors will come full circle and watch the sunset to mark the end of their senior year.  “I am actually looking forward to the Senior Sunset event and can not wait to be able to eat donuts and sit with my friends,” said Gregorian.