Senior year impacted by the Coronavirus


Avou Arabetyan

Clark Magnet High School staff celebrates the Class of 2020 through a vehicle-based graduation on June 10.

Serineh Ohanian, Staff Writer

The spread of coronavirus has forced all schools in the Glendale Unified School District to close for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. This outbreak has had an immense impact on the lives of the students, especially high school seniors who look forward to many of the celebratory graduation events after all of their hard work throughout their years of schooling.

To celebrate graduation, on June 10, the seniors will commemorate their time at Clark during a vehicle-based parade to pick up their diplomas. “It’s a better alternative than a lot of other schools have provided. While nothing is going to emulate what an in-person graduation would mean to us,” said senior Avou Arabetyan. “I appreciate the amount of work the school is putting towards creating the best experience for the class of 2020.” 

Despite the parade, the loss of celebratory events have left many seniors sad and disconnected from their graduating class. “My senior year has been canceled. I’m going to miss out on making unforgettable memories with my friends because of quarantine,” said senior Tina Georgian. “Little did I know that the day before spring break was the last time I would ever step foot onto Clark’s campus.”

“I am upset that my senior year came to an unexpected end. I wish I could have at least said goodbye to my teachers who supported me for the last four years,” said Arabetyan. “The senior class is missing out on senior sundown, going to prom, or walking across stage on graduation day.”

ASB students spent hours planning and organizing the annual senior celebration events to commemorate the work and time spent in high school. “All of our hard work and effort for planning these events was lost,” said ASB class member Emin Marookian. “As saddening as it is to see all these class of 2020 events being canceled, it is important to recognize the consequences of the spreading of COVID-19 in our community.”

Not only will the seniors not be able to experience these memorable events, but they will also not be able to experience the little things either. They will never hear the last school bell, take pictures at graduation or walk out the Clark gates for the last time.

“Senior year is the last year you get to spend with your friends before we all move away and start a new chapter in our lives,” said senior Nanette Kegulian. “Looking back, makes me wish I had cherished my last moments as a senior with my friends and classmates a lot more.”