Leaving early has its perks

(May 24, 2013) — Senior year is a mixed bag in terms of changes from being a junior. Most of the changes are challenging, like the senior project and college applications.
One advantage of being a senior, however, is the opportunity to skip 7th period and go home early or pursue other interests.

“Without a 7th period, I can chill for a bit and still end up starting my homework before people who have a 7th period,” said Lilia Iskandaryan. She enjoyed relaxing at home and having some of the stress of homework lifted with the extra time. It’s not all fun and games, though.

“Since I get home earlier and have extra time this year, my parents would give me more errands and chores to do,” said ArisAvedisian. He also spent his time going to the gym and working on his senior project. “If I don’t really have anything to do, though, then I’ll just hang out with my friends or just relax at home,” Avedisian said.

Some seniors choose to take a 7th period class and remain in school for the entire day. Of the 256 seniors who attend Clark this year, only 27 had a 7th period class.

Most of these students with a 7th period class were in Publications or ASB. Some seniors in Robotics also stayed after school for meetings or to work on the robot.

Students without a 7th period class were welcome to remain on campus if they needed to make up work or meet up with other students. “I usually go home before 7th period, but sometimes I stay to hang out with some seniors in robotics,” Avedisian said.

He especially enjoyed the Robotics build season, when he could see many of his friends in robotics. He also used the time to make up quizzes and tests that he missed, or to work on a big project.

“With all the work that we get, I’m glad that I have the extra time available,” Avedisian said. He feels that the extra time relieved some of the stress of being a senior.

“If I’m at school for 7th period, I’m usually in Publications doing homework,” Iskandaryan said. She said that the extra time helped her balance the work she had as a senior.