The Host takes over and invades

Savanna Gharibian

(April 2, 2013) — Yet another Stephenie Meyer book makes its way to the big screen. However, The Host is not about vampires and werewolves. Like Meyer’s other novels it does feature some romance, but it is more of a futuristic sci-fi thriller. The movie includes all the stereotypes of the future such as how everyone will be dressed in jet-set white clothes and drive fancy chrome cars. The only thing missing are real humans; well, there are a few that are the run. Aliens called Souls have taken over Earth and are turning humans into perfect living things by inserting a host into each one of them. What is a host? It is a spirit that takes over a person’s body and erases that person’s past memories. However, there are some cases where the human’s body fights back, which is the case for Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan). By using memories of her loved ones, especially her boyfriend Jared Howe (Max Irons), Melanie gets her host Wanda to cooperate with her. They both then set out on the dessert to find Melanie’s loved ones. Having read the book, I had my own image of what the story would be like, and thankfully the movie did not spoil that image. Everything is exactly how I imagined it, if not better. In fact, the movie enhances my opinion of the book, and I like it even more now. The movie is accurate for the most part, except for a few minor changes here and there, but that does not affect the overall outcome. As for the acting, the chemistry between Ronan and Irons is just superb; you can really feel the love connection between them. The film contains no boring scenes as it is consistently interesting from beginning to end. However, the film does not really go into depth when it comes to Melanie’s memories with Jared. In fact it would have been better if Melanie was not remembering her time with Jared, but instead living it. When reading the novel, I liked that aspect of it the most, which is why I was disappointed to see that the movie does not emphasize it. The credits feature Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” which is a perfect song for a sci-fi movie such as this one. Overall, this is a great film full of action, romance and suspense. It is a must watch for anyone interested in these genres, especially Twilight fans. Which one is better? Twilight , or The Host ? I have to say The Host, simply because it’s something different for a change. Don’t agree? Watch and decide.