Country stands out

40f31391-1024-4f93-8e4f-cfd1cd8dd4c4-RACHELFARLEYPUBPHOTO1(April 2, 2013) — She’s a 17-year-old country singer? Then she must be just like Taylor Swift! But she isn’t. In an era where monotonous pop artists dominate the music industry, Rachel Farley is a standout performer showing the world that there is more to country music than songs about breakups.

With her debut single “Ain’t Easy,” Farley channels 12 years of musical experience into a shining testament of a country song, utilizing rich lyrics, a variety of instruments and a sensational voice.

Farley’s lyrics express a sense of intent, independence and initiative not commonly found in many of today’s chart-topping singles. “Ain’t Easy” begins with a verse about the singer’s outlaw grandfather, who has influenced the singer’s upbringing by teaching her to be her own person even if that requires going against the norm.

The verse leads into an equally meaningful chorus about the singer’s mindset: “Fight like hell / And love like an angel / Pray like a saint / And run like a rebel / Live each day like there’s no tomorrow.” The stark contrast and vivid imagery Farley creates with her lyrics only adds to her music’s listening value. “Ain’t Easy” also features a wide variety of instruments that give it the unique sound of country music.

Open hi-hats, bass guitar riffs and deep kick drums give Farley’s lyrics a thundering impact. Farley and her backup guitarists also utilize three separate types of guitars that each contribute different layers of melody to the song. Farley plays an acoustic guitar herself, which resonates with Farley’s voice. An additional electric guitar gives the song grit, making Farley’s words a statement rather than a whisper.

And “Ain’t Easy” would be woefully incomplete without a steel guitar, which provides the unique twang that makes a country song. Of course, guitars are far from the only instruments of country twang. Farley’s voice itself is the song’s capstone, and for obvious reason. Farley has an incredibly wide vocal range, hitting the song’s climaxing high notes as well as the low lead-out lyrics.

As an alto, Farley provides a voice that embodies the independent young woman the song describes. Farley also cooperates well with her backup singers, producing melodies that contribute to the song’s country air. All of the different aspects of Rachel Farley’s “Ain’t Easy” are already stellar in their own respects. When put together in one stunning debut single, these aspects exemplify the true spirit of country music and prove Farley’s worth as an up-and-coming young artist with a promising future.