Too much school? Clark takes a hike

87d0a30e-61a9-49b2-9c70-a3af87b07914-Clark(February 28, 2013) — After seemingly hours of trekking up mountain tops and shortcuts, sophomore Conner Clark takes a breath of relief and satisfaction upon reaching the top of a mountain and looking down to the expansive view of the Los Angeles skyline below him. Clark is a hiking enthusiast who often takes trips to the mountain tops in Glendale.

“I usually hike with one or two friends and we enjoy the experience together,” Clark said. Ever since he took an interest in the hobby two years ago, he’s been hiking mountain tops nonstop every two weeks. His favorite locations to hike include Las Flores and Cherry Canyon.

Clark says that while it is a fun pastime, hiking takes quite a bit of energy and preparation to experience such trips. “I usually take my bike, some water for hydration and some protein bars on my trips,” Clark said.

Each trip can take about two hours, so these treks require some preparation. Still, he describes the challenge as a gratifying experience.

Clark said that he also takes safety precautions on the off chance that he encounters mountain lions. “It’s not common, but there is always a chance of running into one, so I always follow these simple precautions: I always go with a buddy and we talk often (and loudly) so that we spook the lion,” Clark said.

One of his most enjoyable things he finds in hiking is the isolation from civilization. “My favorite part is the feeling that no one can touch me because I’m so far away from people, specifically being away from school,” Clark said. “It’s definitely a cathartic experience.”