KATS meets middle schoolers

Garoneh Telmi

(January 31, 2013) — “It was interesting to watch them put [the animations] together,” said junior Roobina Najarian, referring to the animation projects that were done by the Wilson Middle School students on Jan. 10 as part of a recent KATS trip. Six members from the KATS Club took their first of many field trips to Wilson. After the presentations and information on tobacco was given at Camp Hollywoodland, the KATS members helped students with the next stage of their project. The next stage involved creating a hand-drawn animation on a topic tobacco related topic which will be turned into a public service announcement. After the students took notes at Camp Hollywoodland, they made a storyboard for their animation. The students, who were divided into different teams, started their animations, which are flipbooks. The KATS members went to each team to assist them with the project. The students worked through the whole day but they did not have a chance to finish. During a few more future visits, the animations will be put together, according club advisor Judy Sanzo. Najarian, whose team was doing its project on smokeless tobacco, said that she enjoyed this experience, as she is currently taking an animation class. “Because they were doing animations, it was an accomplishment for me as well as them,” Najarian said. KATS members have another scheduled field trip to Wilson on Feb. 7. After the animations are finished, other public service announcement projects will be underway during a few more visits by the KATS members. The students will also make Powerpoints on the same topic along with buttons and keychains. As Najarian worked with the students, she said that she did not expect the middle schoolers to be so well-behaved and accomplish the amount of work that they did. Freshman Hayk Martirosyan, whose group was working on the ingredients of tobacco, said that one of the fun parts of the trip was being a leader and instructing the students. Once all these projects are done, the students will present them to the whole school and possibly to nearby elementary schools. “I want them to take what they learned and to take it [outside] of school,” Najarian said. When these projects are complete, KATS members help the students practice and get ready to make their public service announcements. Sanzo said that in doing these projects, the students learn team-building as well as speaking skills.