Falcons falter under pressure

Tatyana Aposhian

(January 31, 2013) — As the loud music during the warm-up before the game died down, both Glendale High’s and Crescenta Valley’s varsity girls’ basketball teams had their game faces on. Crescenta Valley is one of Glendale High’s major rivals, so the Glendale team put extra hard work into the game. All of their hard work paid off because they won, 57-38 in the Jan. 22 game. The Glendale girls were in the lead throughout the whole game. According to sophomore Leona Abrahamian, Glendale had lost the previous game against CV by only one point during overtime, which prompted the team to play ten times harder in last week’s game. Soph/frosh team manager Pauline Minassian and player Karla Periyan both agree that the game was intense and heated. “After our games we have to stay for varsity as a team and cheer for them and watch the game as a team, but we enjoy staying and watching because playing basketball is what we love to do,” Periyan said. “This game was really interesting because the score was really close which made it fun to watch.” Throughout the game, the gym was filled with noises of all types. Whether it was the sound of the cheerleaders cheering for their team, a wild crowd rooting when something went right, the basketball shoes of the players squeaking against the gym floor, or the coaches yelling to support, the atmosphere was rarely quiet. Senior Tara Abdul-Ahad plays on Glendale’s varsity team as a shooting guard and said that the team played well. “We just proved ourselves,” she said. “It felt good because we knew we could beat them and we just showed how we play at that game.” Some soph/frosh players said that they look up to Abdul-Ahad and admire her basketball skills. “Tara’s a really good player and when she plays she’s really into the game and she’s a really good shooter. If you could shoot a corner three point shot, you’re pretty good,” freshman Pauline Minassian said. Abrahamian said that Abdul-Ahad is an all around player. ”She usually plays really well and she’s a both offensive and defensive threat,” Abrahamian said. During last week’s game, Glendale varsity player Elin Avanesian played a huge role that led to the victory. “Elin shot six threes and was about to tie for the seventh one because Glendale’s varsity’s record for most threes in a game is seven. She even got scouted,” Abrahamian said. “Elin helped us gain a lead and from that we just built. We love to play and we have a lot of heart, so, we just play,” Abdul-Ahad said. Both Glendale and CV played aggressively but Glendale’s defense was stronger than CV’s and it was enough to win. “The game was really good. I’m really glad they won because they truly deserve it and our varsity is going to get far because they are going to win first place. They’ve been together the longest and they’re hard-working,” Abrahamian said. As of today, the Nitros have three games left against Pasadena, John Muir and Hoover, respectively. The Falcons will be playing against Burroughs, Pasadena and Arcadia.