What your iPhone cover says about you

Garoneh Telmi

(December 14, 2012) — IPhone covers are and do more than more than just protect one’s iPhone. These covers express the owner and represent their personality and interests. Going to a store where many of the iPhone covers are displayed, it can tend to be overwhelming when it comes to choosing one. Color, design, and style, are all taken into consideration upon one’s decision in choosing their iPhone cover. One blogger, Devin Markle, writes in his blog “…there is no end to the number of cases available everywhere you look.” He also adds on that when choosing a case it is all about the “image” and how “the perfect case must express your sense of style…” One can express themselves from the clothes they wear to the music they listen to. These covers are like a form of art and they too express the owner. From the cover, one can determine the interests, character and more of the holder. “We spend enough time flashing the exteriors of our iPhones, that they are the type of accessories that say something about us,” writes Rebecca Greenfield in The Atlantic Wire. IPhone covers can express the owner in a few ways. One way a characteristic is revealed is by the type of cover they have.This can be a designer cover, a cover for protection, and so forth. For example, a cover for protection shows that the owner can like a sleek, plain look, or how much they care for their iPhone. Then, there are the covers with a print. Even covers with a print being that of just one color shows that the owner may be simple or bold. Other covers like one with a print of nature or a floral one shows the person may be calm and enjoys the beauty of nature or flowers. A classmate of mine has a cover with a picture of a painting of ballerinas by Edgar Degas. From what I know about her, this case expresses herself very closely. The picture on the cover represents her because it shows her interest in arts and she is taking ballet now. The style of the painting, too, shows that she is interested in arts or dance. And still, there are covers that aren’t a print of a design but rather a 3D cover. These include the modern camera cover, a panda, cassette and much more. These covers still represent the owner and who they are. IPhone covers give hints about what kind of a person he or she is. Expressing the owner, covers do more than just protect iPhones. Every personality has a cover to match it.