Lincoln fails to impress

Naris Barseghian

(December 14, 2012) — Steven Spielberg’s movie Lincoln fails to meet up to expectations as it has a hard time keeping the viewer’s attention. As the movie continues, it starts to feel very repetitive. Daniel Day-Lewis fits the lead role well due to the fact that he keeps true to the character. In addition, the makeup on the actors makes them look perfectly aged, and it is obvious what roles they play. The movie portrays Lincoln’s last few months of his term as he tries to stop the Civil War, pass the Thirteenth Amendment, and bring the country together; all the while dealing with his wife’s constant grieving of their son, William, who passed away. Going by the title, it is obvious that the movie is going to be almost predictable for those who have learned about this time of history. The movie still has many emotional scenes, however, which keep it from feeling like a dull documentary. One of the emotional scenes, besides the passing of the amendment, is when Mrs. Lincoln begins to cry and throw a fit when she finds out their oldest son, Robert, wants to go to war. During this scene the Lincolns’ argument leads up to the loss of their younger son, William. The movie runs for almost three hours but fails to have more captivating scenes like these. For someone who does not enjoy learning about history very much, this movie was all right. The movie is quite lengthy and for most parts feels like it is not getting to the point. People who enjoy watching factual, nonfictional movies, should definitely check this film out.