How to spice up your holiday season

Savanna Gharibian

(December 14, 2012) — The Christmas season brings with it the bright hues of red, green, and gold. When put together, these colors can give Christmas a nice kick that sets the holiday apart from any other. Consider incorporating these well-known features of Christmas with fresh ideas that will fill your home with cheer. A perfectly decorated home should radiate the festivity of the season from the front door with a wreath or a teardrop swag. Make your front door unique by adding three small wreaths instead of one large one. Enhance a wreath by adding to it a set of battery-operated LED lights that will leave the front door shining at night. You could even add some bells to the swag to hear a pleasant jingle when the door is opened or closed. Don’t forget to decorate the front yard as well. Brighten your doorway with garlands, string lights, and vibrant poinsettias. Wrap a string of lights or icicles all around your home. Don’t be afraid to put ornaments on outdoor trees — that’s what shatterproof ornaments are for. Put lighted reindeer and other lighted decor to ensure your home is shining inside and out. Add the finishing touches with a bit of snow spray. Who says it doesn’t snow in Glendale? The Christmas tree is the symbol of the season, and it should capture the joy of Christmas. Add a little spark to your tree without splurging on expensive ornaments. Decorate with homemade ornaments, garlands, and even a DIY tree topper. If you’re not a DIY type, don’t be afraid to use vintage ornaments — they never go out of style. If you’re going for the whole vintage Christmas tree, add little wooden figure ornaments here and there to complete the look. For the perfect Christmas table make a simple centerpiece that makes a statement. Use iconic red, green and gold ornaments to stack them in a large vase along with the smaller ornaments around the main vase. For a really unique look, make a gingerbread house and put it in the center of the table for all guests to admire (or eat). In addition to trees and ornaments, lit garlands on banisters and doorways give the home a touch of beauty and brightness. Give the lighting in your home a kick by arranging Christmas lanterns around the room. Make it worry-free by using battery operated candles. Consider arranging some Christmas soy-wicked candles around the house to really capture the scent of the season. Remember, look for budget-friendly ways to mix things up this Christmas. It’s all about being simple and innovative. Use old decorations but give them a little spin that’ll leave your home cozy and glowing for Christmas.