Google type creates fonts

Tatyana Aposhian

( December 14, 2012 ) — Even though it contains the name Google, the Google Type website isn’t a real Google product; it just uses Google image search to generate outrageous fonts. The fonts are unique and each letter in the alphabet can be displayed in more than one way. Each character doesn’t have a set font that is used all the time; various fonts are available. This one of a kind program randomly chooses the fonts on its own and sometimes the letter is not just an image, it can be a GIF as well. The user can not pick his own fonts. Google Type is super easy to use; all the user needs to do is type in a desired word, phrase, sentence, etc., press the button “Google type it!” and voilà! The desired text is displayed with vivid characters. Google Type doesn’t have very many uses and is mainly for someone’s own entertainment and amusement. Other than that, one can use what he typed and share the message on Facebook and/or Twitter.The creators of Google Type made the product user friendly. This project is one of the more to come projects by a group called the Internet Club–Web developers in Belgium. The specific creators are Cecilia Azcarate, Tom Galle, Thomas Hermant, Patrick Glorieux, and Thibault Jadoul.