DIY holiday gifts

Naris Barseghian

(December 14, 2012) — It is the time of year again where shopping for gifts is a priority for many. However, some people prefer making personalized and homemade gifts. Here are a few easy-to-do gifts: DIY Fringe Scarf – No sewing or knitting! Supplies Needed T-shirt of your choice Scissors Steps 1. Lay the T-shirt down on a flat surface. 2. Grab your scissors and cut horizontally across the chest right under the armholes, this will create a rectangular tube. 3. Start cutting out fringes by cutting vertically upward from the bottom of the T-shirt. Depending on how long you want the fringes, cut higher or lower. 4. Once all the cuts are made, tug on each strand to stretch them out. Some strands can even be knotted at the ends for a different look. 5. Gift it! Personalized Holiday Mug Supplies Needed Porcelain or Ceramic Mug Pens appropriate for writing on the mug Any stencils that you may want to use for the designs Steps 1. Clean the mug with a damp towel before starting. 2. Practice your drawings or writings before drawing on the mug; personalize this mug to whatever the person you are giving it to likes. It could be their favorite band, quote, etc.. 3. Once drawings are finished, let the mug dry for at least 30 minutes. Poinsettia Teacher Style Supplies Needed Group of fake flowers, preferably poinsettia flowers Wooden pencils, about 24 of them Paper towel roll Glue or tape Ribbon Steps 1. Cut about three inches off the end of the paper towel roll so it’s shorter than the length of the pencils. 2. Start gluing the pencils around the towel roll. 3. Once done gluing, make a bow with the ribbon around the pencils. This will make sure the pencils don’t fall off. 4. Stick the flowers into the top of the roll, and you are done. Tie Keychain Supplies Needed 1. Tie 2. Keyring 3. Scissors 4. Glue Steps 1. Take the narrower part of the tie and pull it through the ring. (The seam of the tie should be facing down) 2. Fold the tail sideways, which will now expose the seams. 3. Keep wrapping the end of the tie around the ring until the seam are visible. 4. Pull the tail through the ring. 5. Then down through the sort of “knot” made. 6. Grabbing the ring and the tie, pull so tighten. 7. Flip over the tie and cut off the excess of the tie. 8. Match the length of the ends to that of a real tie, and you are done.