Taken 2

Tatyana Aposhian

(November 15, 2012) — The very first time I watched the movie Taken , I fell in love. All the action taking place is just so captivating and enjoyable to watch. To me, it wasn’t just another cliche action movie. The second I found out that the sequel of Taken was coming out, I couldn’t wait to see it. Luckily, my high expectations for the film were not shot down; Taken 2 turned out to be amazing! The original movie is about a daughter who gets kidnapped in Paris and is to be sold to prostitution while her father attempts to rescue her and kills a countless number of her kidnappers on the way. In the second movie, friends and relatives of those who died seek revenge on the family. Actor Liam Neeson always succeeds in entertaining his audience with great acting skills. Neeson and all the other actors perform perfectly in the film. Neeson plays retired CIA operative Bryan Mills, and while on a trip to Istanbul, he and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper whom Mills killed while rescuing his daughter. Throughout the movie, Mills, his wife Lenore and his daughter Kim overcome many obstacles like escaping death and being held hostage before they are able to reach safety. Mills serves as the protector of his family. I truly loved the whole movie so much, so it would be hard to pick a favorite part but if I had to choose it would probably be the part where Mills and Kim are forced to drive through the city in a stolen taxi while being chased. This unforgettable scene felt completely adventurous and thrilling. I remember myself being so engaged in what was going on. Even though the film, overall, is superb, the ending is a bit too familiar. I wish the writers could have come up with a more creative ending. It feels as though it is way too repetitive of an ending for such a unique film. If you love action movies and hate getting bored in the theater, Taken 2 is definitely worth the price of admission. I recommend having seen Taken before you see the sequel because it is a continuation of the plot.