Mr. Phan joins Clark staff as new math teacher

105c970e-8dc5-4e19-9113-aad15acea123-REN4(November 15, 2012) — Claude Phan, a former algebra and trigonometry teacher at Hoover, transferred to Clark Magnet two weeks ago. He’d been a teacher there for about two years, but was transferred to Clark to replace counselor Susan Howe.

Many of the students have adjusted to their new teacher and enjoy the change. “He’s a really cool teacher and the only math teacher that I’ve ever liked,” said sophomore Azat Sarkisyan. Phan says he has enjoyed his time so far at Clark.

“It’s a different environment, different subject. So far, the students and faculty are really nice,” Phan said.

He also stated that he enjoys the support he receives from his students and fellow faculty. With their help, he said he has adapted from his trigonometry and algebra teachings in order to give the students the education they need. He said he enjoys teaching geometry and how it works, especially the constructions.

“That type of geometry, with a straight-edge and ruler, was done hundreds of years ago. They could construct squares and circles of the same area hundreds of years ago. That’s pretty cool,” Phan said.