Glendale and Hoover face off

8c811de8-d808-4743-8050-f74416302502-PLEE25(Nov. 15, 2012) — As the timer ticked down towards zero in the fourth quarter, junior Roxana Bokaei screamed, jumped and waved, frantically urging the purple-clad Hoover Tornadoes to overcome a 31-point deficit against their rivals in red, the Glendale Nitros. “I came here to see Hoover win,” Bokaei said. Cries of “Beat those Nitros!” rang out from Hoover’s inexhaustible cheer team and the hundreds of purple-shirted spectators standing in the Hoover bleachers.

The cheers only intensified as Hoover’s quarterback crept closer to Glendale’s goal. Cheering, however, did little to produce a miracle; a turnover in the last minute of the game secured victory for the Nitros, who defeated the Tornadoes 44-13 in the Hoover vs. Glendale Homecoming varsity football game Nov. 2. Glendale’s varsity players were ecstatic about the win. “It felt good to finally beat Hoover and Crescenta Valley in the same season,” said Clark junior and Nitros wide receiver Hovo Amirkhanyan. “We came into the game with the right mindset, and left as city champs.”

On the other hand, the preceding junior varsity game was a victory for the Tornadoes, who beat the Nitros 13-6. Clark sophomore John Mardirosian was happy about his performance in the JV game, but believed he and his team could have done better. “It’s the little details that help you win,” John said. “If we could hold a block for one more second, or push forward one more yard—it’s all about the little details.” Nevertheless, Mardirosian did not dwell for long on the loss; he and his friends stayed to cheer on their teammates in the varsity game. The varsity game attracted Clark athletes and spectators alike, who were just as enthusiastic as their Hoover and Glendale High counterparts.

Many students, like junior Elsa Abedi, attended because they enjoy the sport. “Football games are an exciting part of high school,” Abedi said. Others, like junior Jiani Navarro, came to catch up with friends from their home school. “I love the cheering, the dancing to band music, and especially meeting my friends from GHS,” Navarro said. Navarro also came to see Glendale High’s homecoming king and queen, who are announced yearly during the homecoming game’s halftime. Catching up with friends was not the only highlight of the night for sophomore Margaret Faustino. “If there’s one thing you have to love about these games, it’s the food,” she said.

“I like the nachos! With cheese, jalapenos, salsa, lettuce, what more could you ask for?” Sophomore Bianca Lopez had a dual incentive to attend the game. “I play for Hoover’s softball team, but I also have friends on the Glendale football team,” Lopez said. However, Lopez was quick to pick a side; Lopez chose to cheer with her friends in the Glendale bleachers. This homecoming game marks the end of the football season for both schools, and Glendale’s victory has left Nitro fans in high spirits.

Regardless of the game’s outcome, both Nitros and Tornadoes fans filed out of the stands satisfied with the night. “I admit I’m a bit disappointed. We were down by 30 points!” said junior Petra Beglarian, who attended the game to support the Tornadoes. “But even though we lost, the fun of cheering with my friends whenever our team scored a touchdown was definitely worth it.”