Universal’s Halloween Horrors Put the Fright On

Savanna Gharibian

(October 30, 2012) — What annual event gets people running and screaming away, and yet begging for more? Universal Studios’s infamous Halloween Horror Nights does the job by targeting the crowd’s biggest fears. Each year the event features different movies and monsters that never fall short of giving people a good scare. This year there are six mazes as well as a “Terror Tram” attraction. One of the mazes is based on the legend of La Llorona, which is about a woman known as “La Cazadora de los Niños” (The Child Hunter). Llorona’s screams can be heard in the maze as she looks for her children for the rest of eternity. Another maze revolves around the iconic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre , which is about a family of cannibals eating pretty much anyone that wanders by their house. In the maze, the infamous Leatherface makes his appearance, hunting you down with his chainsaw. The well-known Silent Hill comes to life as the maze crosses over to the “other” world where nightmares of the Bogeyman become a reality. Expect to see deformed nurses, the executioner, and even Pyramid head, all ready to get you. Rocker Alice Cooper leads you through the different levels of hell in the Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D maze. The walkthrough of Hell features 3D graphics that can only make the experience all the more realistic. Of course, Universal’s iconic monsters make their way into this scarefest. The Universal Monsters Remix leads you through a castle filled with classic horror monsters ready to get their hands on you. AMC series The Walking Dead has landed two spotlights in this horror gig. First off, the maze takes you through the journey of a few survivors trying to run away from the walkers. If that’s not enough, there is also a “Terror Tram” attraction that takes you to the Universal backlot, invaded by walkers part of the Zombie Apocalypse. As if the mazes don’t deliver enough of a scare, the theme park also has designated scare zones which includes the themes of Silent Hill, Toyz, Witches, and Klownz. Freshman Joanna Paz was brave enough to venture into the horror nights event. It was her first time and she got scared, but said she had fun at the same time. She said that Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the scariest, but Silent Hill was really scary as well. “Silent Hill was scary because there were a lot of people touching you,” Paz said. Paz did not like the Alice Cooper maze. According to Paz, the lines are very long, but it’s worth it. She would go back again next year. Junior Rocen Santos also went to the event for the first time. “It was terrifying but I had fun at the same time, said Santos. Santos’s favorite mazes were Silent Hill and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She also thought that Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the scariest maze. “I literally came out of the maze shaking. The actors did a great job at scaring me,” said Santos. However, she did not like the La Llorona maze because it was more disgusting than scary. She would definitely go back next year. Along with the mazes and scare zones, the event also offers the theme park’s original rides: Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park – In the Dark, and The Simpsons Ride. Amidst all the horror, a musical comedy, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, is also offered at the event. Considering the name, the event will be scary, and whether or not you think it’s fun is up to you. Just remember, it is all just a fantasy; that might help get you through. According to Universal Studios, “Once you’re inside…There is no way out.”