The other side to Clarktoberfest

Garoneh Telmi

(October 17, 2012) — What may seem like a straightforward event with mainly just a burger being sold and simple games being played actually isn’t. The amount of preparations and setup put into Clarktoberfest, which is scheduled for one week from today, is much more than what may appear on the surface. Sophomore Nune Garipian says that she looks forward to Clarktoberfest and “it’s a time to get out of class and just have fun.” Garipian also says, “I think its good that the school does it [be]cause other schools don’t really do anything special for Halloween.” So far, ASB has been selling the $5 Habit tickets for the burgers. However, there is still much more to be done. One of the factors that has to be considered before the event is the weather. For the past two years, it has rained on the day of Clarktoberfest. Therefore, there has to be a rainy weather plan before and during Clarktoberfest. On a rainy day, the games will be held in the gym in order to allow ASB to keep students dry. However, if the weather is not rainy, games will be held on the field. As for the games, there are many components to them. As students play these games, they may not realize that prizes are another part of the event that have to be prepared. Prizes and grand prizes all have to be pre-ordered. Also, the games are managed by the different clubs. Each club will have to manage a game and the people managing the game will take shifts so they too can enjoy Clarktoberfest. But all that still has to be organized. Another feature of Clarktoberfest is the different classes with their fundraisers. Fundraisers still have to be decided for the classes like the senior class committee, junior class committee and so on. Since chips and soft drinks aren’t included with the burger purchase, ASB President Anna Baburyan believes it provides the classes with a greater opportunity to sell what they would like. Although there are many preparations and responsibilities, Baburyan thinks that the preparation is fun, especially since she likes leadership and does not feel as if it is a great deal of work. She hopes for “everyone to have a good time and clubs and classes to be successful.” Baburyan added, “It’s an anxious feeling to see how it’s gonna turn out, and [I] hope for the best.”