Majority of Clark students would vote for Obama

Tatyana Aposhian

(October 17, 2012) — “People should really be informed about the election and know both sides before they vote,” said senior Eliza Turdzhyan. Turdzhyan’s opinions were echoed by several other students in a recent Clark Chronicle poll conducted prior to the first presidential debate in October. The survey found that most Clark students would give their vote to president Barack Obama. Two hundred students were surveyed, 50 from each grade level. When looked upon as a whole, 51% of Clark students would vote for president Barack Obama and 16% would vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The other 34% wouldn’t vote for either Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney, are undecided on who to vote for, or said that they would vote for someone else. Sophomore Mark Ansell, who took part in the poll, said that he would vote for Obama. “I would vote for Obama because I think he would better represent the country. Obama seems like a better speaker than Romney,” Ansell said. Ansell said that he doesn’t think Romney would be able to support everyone. “I feel like Romney would only be able to help out and support rich people. Even though he’s competitive, I don’t think he’s going to win,” said Ansell. Senior Eliza Turdzhyan agrees with Ansell’s views and would vote for Obama as well. “I think that despite Romney’s success, I doubt that he’ll fix the economy. I think that Obama is very charismatic and a real icon for hope,” Turdzhyan said. In opposition, junior Ryan Barbar disagrees with Ansell and Turdzhyan. “Romney knows about economics but Obama doesn’t know as much. I feel like Obama hasn’t done anything for our country,” Barbar said. ”I feel that Romney would do a better job at helping the country get money, which is exactly what we need.”