Halloween Themed TV Channels Bring Back Childhood Memories

Ani Mosinyan

(October 17, 2012) — Remember Halloweentown ? Hocus Pocus ? Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas ? All of these childhood movies seem to ring a bell, don’t they? It’s that time of year again. The time when high schools students forget that they are far too old to sit down and watch a 13-year-old girl enter a magic portal into a world of ghosts, ghouls and goblins. No matter how old, I always find myself gravitating to ABC Family’s old Halloween movies, whether it’s The Little Vampire, Harry Potter, or one of my favorites, Hocus Pocus . There is something oddly sentimental about the whole thing, really. Ironically, the witches, warlocks and monsters seem to bring back fond memories of our childhood. ABC Family and Disney Channel, in particular, always make us smile with their annual October Halloween movies. And let us not forget Food Network’s “Halloween” Cupcake Wars and Semi-Homemade star Sandra Lee’s creative costumes and Halloween-themed recipes! ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween is full of All Hallow’s Eve movies and even fairly new shows that will fill you with the spooky Halloween spirit: Hocus Pocus , The Addams Family , and The Haunted Mansion , just to name a few. These, and many other movies, although slightly eerie, are still viewed worldwide because they bring back the excitement and thrill of being a child. Disney Channel is also a very popular channel for Halloween-themed movies, including its most loved, popular movie, Halloweentown. A story about a girl who turns thirteen and is introduced to the world of wizards, monsters, and all sorts of bizarre, otherworldly things, Halloweentown is a movie everyone looks forward to for the month of October. Its story appeals to us teenagers, who always seem to connect with the plot and remember ourselves watching the same movie when we were nine years old. Every now and then, families get together to watch the old Halloween films, and we remember all of our past Halloweens as children. We remember going door-to-door and anticipating what goodies the person behind the door had for us. We remember the never-ending pile of candy we collected at the end of the night and how our parents never let us eat it all at once. We remember the sugar high when we didn’t listen to them. It is easy to forget our childhood with the fast pace of life nowadays. We are so focused on today that we tend to forget the happiest time of our lives. Somehow, the old films seem to bring back our childhood memories as fast as they went by. All the movies, cartoons and shows help us remember what we used to know and love as kids. Although we may grow up and forget Halloween, the wonderful movies and characters are always waiting to take us back once again.