Clark welcomes a new counselor

Ani Mosinyan

21beea37-a236-416d-a778-000255a571cd-Howe2(October 17, 2012)– “She knew how to not only teach kids but also be there for them, and so I feel like she’s going to be a good counselor,” said junior Roobina Najarian, a student of former teacher and new counselor, Susan Howe.

With a masters degree and credential in counseling, Howe was asked to take up the job this month after Karen Carlson took a new position working with “high-risk” students in the school district, according to Howe. Now that Howe is counselor, Charisse Bontemps has been temporarily substituting for Howe.

According to Howe, the school is still looking for a permanent teacher for the rest of the year. Originally a geometry teacher, Howe feels like it will take some time to get used to the new environment as a counselor. “I think it’s just a shifting of thinking,” Howe said about her new responsibilities.

“It’s still helping students. Obviously, I need to learn more about the in’s and out’s of all the different colleges. But I think that I can have an influence on people as far as their careers or college education and point people in the right direction based on their grades in school and what they want to do and what they need to do to get there. I think it’s going to be a learning stretch for me, for a long time,” said Howe.

“As a counselor I’m going to be able to help more people in different ways, but ways that are going to affect their future and the rest of their lives, so I’m looking forward to that.” With a parent walking in on the first day and a frustrated student in need of help, Howe definitely feels like there are going to be different issues to deal with on a daily basis. “I’ve already had things happening, and nothing I wasn’t able to deal with, but it’s shifting gears a lot more than it would be in the classroom,” Howe said.

Howe knows that the issues are going to be different and the problems she will face will be more specific and vast, rather than just focused on a subject. “It’s a similar situation in a different environment. I’m able to look at a bigger picture, instead of just focusing with little blinders in math,” said Howe. “If someone is feeling bad about something, I feel like I can still find something positive elsewhere because it’s not just math.”

Howe is eager to get to know the students of Clark and guide them towards their goals and future. “I’m just very excited,” she said.“I’m very happy and I hope that everyone will feel comfortable coming in to see me with whatever questions and concerns and for whatever reasons.”