Switched at Birth: back with a punch

Savanna Gharibian

(September 19, 2012) — After a hiatus, season two of Switched At Birth finally made its debut. It continues where the jaw-dropping season finale left off. The question is if this episode marked the beginning of tasteless drama or one that leaves you anticipating for the next episode. Well, it was a little of both. The episode starts off with an overly-dramatic dream about Regina marrying Angelo, her ex-husband who trailed a whole load of drama with him in the first season. Regina, who is having this dream is currently dating someone else, which makes me think, “So she still cares for Angelo after all.” I think there will be a love triangle in the episodes to come. Bay, the girl who was switched at birth with Daphne, is like her father, carrying a whole load of drama once again. As a result of her ex-boyfriend, Emmett cheating on her, Bay moves on to another guy (or so we think). Her new relationship is short-lived when she breaks up with him since she is so “hung up” on Emmett. However, she does not get back together with him. This relationship drama between Bay and Emmett just makes me foresee how this season will be filled with the same situations over and over again. Daphne starts off the episode headstrong and shows that as a deaf person she is still capable of doing anything she wants, no matter how challenging it may be. For me, this was the highlight of the show, as it was not just shallow drama – it actually had a very inspiring message. I expected that what happened at the end of the episode was bound to happen, but not quite yet, so it was quite a shocker. I sense that the entire second season will really revolve around this event. Overall, the episode was a decent season premiere. It had sufficient romance and a fair amount of drama that was not overly dramatic as of now. The episode interested me enough to keep me looking forward to next week’s show.