Students explore club rush

Guy Burstein

34745f21-332b-43bd-b8df-490a001df8a0-PLEE36(September 19, 2012)– As the lunch bell rang Sept. 10, students poured out of their classes and headed to the array of club members who had arranged tables at the bottom of the amphitheater. Students walked from table to table looking for those clubs which appealed to their hobbies.

With Tea Club passing out donuts, Armenian Club distributing pastries and Robotics Club showing off their robot, Club Rush provided students with a good way of learning and joining a new community in Clark.

Along with old clubs trying to renew membership, a variety of new clubs introduced themselves to the students looking to get involved. New clubs varied from Book Club, which plans on reading and discussing a wide variety of books as well as promoting reading to Voxel Design and Resource Management Club, which, according to its founder sophomore Joshua Valerios, hopes to teach students management skills through alternative methods.

One of the many new clubs attempting to attract new members was Tea Club, founded by senior Nick Baygan. According to Baygan, he hopes to turn the club into an environment where students would be able to participate a wide variety of activities but be brought together by a mutual interest in tea. “I really like drinking tea and I wanted to share that with other students [at Clark],” Baygan said.

In addition to a wide array of newly created clubs, older clubs continued to grow under new leadership. Senior Kyle Bogosian renewed Chess Club due to his interest in playing and teaching others the game. “I’m really excited about it, because chess is a noble game,” Bogosian said. “We are going to do some really cool things.”

For freshmen, Club Rush allowed students to more get involved in school and start participating in some of the activities Clark is best known for. For many, it was the first time they were able to get fully involved in on-campus activities. “It’s nice to see people starting to get involved,” Baygan said.