Reality TV star as Glendale mayor?

Naris Barseghian

( May 25, 2012 ) — Reality TV star Kim Kardashian just does not let the hate and criticism get to her. A few months ago there was a petition going around to get her off the Internet, and on April 16 she said that she wants to be mayor of Glendale five years from now. Kardashian mentioned running for mayor in an unaired clip from “Khloe and Lamar,” according to the Huffington Post . She chose the city of Glendale as it is mostly occupied by Armenians and in the clip she calls it, “Armenian town.” However, no one can run as mayor in Glendale. There are five members on the City Council, and that role is given to a single-year term on a rotating basis. City Clerk Ardy Kassakhian told the Glendale News-Press that the job would require a bit of research instead of just relying on her support base. Due to the way the City Council works, Kardashian would not be chosen as mayor by vote of the public; instead the council members decide if, once elected, she should be mayor. If she was campaigning she might have gotten most of the Armenian vote due to her Celebuzz blog post in 2011, campaigning to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Even though this might give some Armenians peace of mind, she should have more reasons for running for mayor. Kardashian does have her talents in fashion, but in politics, not as much. The Kardashian family has always been under the spotlight and this is just another way of getting publicity. Her popularity from the show is already helping her get support from city council members who are offering her a spot as “honorary chief of staff,” according to the Christian Science Monitor . Public office, in my opinion, has changed to more of making a name famous than to actually make a difference in the city, state or country. Although her mother and manager, Kris Jenner, thinks she would make an “amazing” mayor, I think the opposite. This is not how the city council should be. The council members should be responsible people who are not occupied with a reality TV show or a perfume line. Jenner even said that they are incredibly busy right now, according to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter . The Kardashians have a new $40 million deal with E! for the next three seasons of their show. For someone to be on the City Council they should be out of the constant spotlight. The council cannot make decisions while there are a bunch of cameras and crew standing around. When I watched an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians , for the most part it was all drama. The producers of any reality show put in the most intense and drama filled scenes. Having Kardashian on the council would lead to constant footage of the council members making agreements or even arguing a bit. These parts would be edited so that it might make the city council look very dysfunctional to viewers. Even though it does not matter what viewers outside of Glendale think, it does matter that our City Council stays focused. The cameras, paparazzi and Kardashians’ busy life would be a distraction to everyone, including the local citizens. Glendale is a small, tightly-packed city that does not need the extra hussle and bussle of a celebrity city council member.