Scholastic Bowl team prepares for competitions

Guy Burstein

(March 8, 2012) — The Clark Magnet Scholastic Bowl team is preparing for the upcoming Scholastic Bowl competition. Over the previous five months, the team met almost daily in order to practice trivia questions ranging in topics from fine arts to math. Last week they participated in the essay writing competition in preparation for the varsity buzzer competition set for March 19 at 7 p.m. at Glendale High School. The team hopes to repeat last year’s sweeping victory with a first-place finish in the essay competition, the buzzer round, and the junior varsity competition. “I’m really hoping to win this year,” said junior Kyle Bogosian. “We won last year’s [junior varsity] competition so hopefully that will help us out this year.” The team is also planning on competing in a promotional event on March 15 at the Americana. Each of the four high schools will send one member in order to compete against one teacher from each school. “It’s a good way to show school spirit and just how smart we are,” said junior David Khachatrian.