“My Week with Marilyn” pleases watchers

Savanna Gharibian

(December 20, 2011) — Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe: bound to turn heads, right? From the moment I saw the movie trailer, I knew I had to watch it. My Week with Marilyn was a movie I thought was going to be either really good, or just really bad. The movie was beyond my expectations, and I was certainly pleased with the outcome. The movie was based on two books written by Collin Clark, one of the main characters in the movie. It portrayed the making of one of Marilyn’s movies, The Prince and the Showgirl . Clark was an assistant on the set of the movie, and he soon falls in love with Monroe. Just as the title says, it was basically a week-long relationship between Collin and Monroe. Throughout the film, Collin supports Monroe during her difficult times, which shows how much he cared for her in such a short amount of time. I would say that this part of the movie was kind of corny, as are most romances. There are tons of Marilyn Monroe look-alikes out there, but most lack the talent that is required in depicting such a complex character.There are certain expectations when it comes to this sort of a film, and I am really glad that Williams was the one to be Marilyn Monroe; she nailed the part. Most may not know, but Monroe had a peculiar way of acting. If she did not understand the meaning of her characters’ actions, she would have a difficult time acting. Williams did an outstanding job at duplicating Monroe’s odd actions. Even the tone of her voice fit perfectly in each situation. Williams emanated a lot of energy and had very genuine acting. She also perfectly characterizes Monroe’s problematic behaviors, such as when she would throw tantrums and take drugs. I think it takes a great actor to realistically portray such sensitive topics. Overall, the movie features superb acting. For a two-hour long movie, there is a pretty steady pace, and the romance is well-developed. I was expecting it to be a short-lived romance. The fashion is accurate and tasteful. The signature Marilyn looks are wonderfully recreated, making me anticipate what would be worn in the next scene. The movie isn’t a documentary — but it actually got me to think about the true meaning of fame, especially the way Monroe felt about it. I feel that this movie truly made it evident that fame really isn’t the best life, and that even though one is loved by many, there truly is no love. I would have to add that probably the main reason I really enjoyed the movie was because I am a huge Marilyn fan. If someone is not a fan of hers, I would honestly not waste time watching the movie. Basically, this movie is for someone who is interested in knowing more about Marilyn Monroe’s life. Overall, this movie is a success and is well-worth watching. It contains all aspects that make a movie great and award-worthy. My Week with Marilyn really deserves an Oscar as it is truly phenomenal.