Students brace themselves for Black Friday

Savanna Gharibian

(Nov. 22, 2011) — After the meal comes the mayhem. What day is associated with chaos and consists of people running around and scavenging for the best deals? That day is Black Friday, a day that has resulted in consequences, such as the death of a Wal-Mart employee back in 2008. Some people even camp outside of the stores just to get first dibs on sale items. Some may be afraid of attending black Friday sales, whereas others are brave enough to enter the hustle and bustle of the sale-seeking crowd. For them, getting extreme sale prices may be well worth the trip to the hectic shopping malls. Sophomore Mary Blkhoian is not afraid of getting trampled and often goes to Black Friday sales. “I started going for the past three years and my mom buys me more things than usual,” Blkhoian said. Those who don’t attend Black Friday sales have their own reasons for not going. Attending the hectic sales just may not be worth it, according to junior Monika Yazeryan. “You could basically find the same stuff for the same price without the people pushing you around and stomping on your face,” Yazeryan said. Having gone to a sale, Yazeryan said that the lines are 20 minutes long and employees are confused during the sales. “It was a bad experience,” Yazeryan said. “I would rather pay full price for something rather than scavenge through stuff and stand in long lines.” Montrose Shopping Park is putting a new twist on Black Friday by creating “White Friday.” It’s going to “snow” in Montrose this Friday, as the Montrose Shopping Park Association will bring in 40 tons of snow and blast it through snow machines that will simulate a winter wonderland for 30 minutes. The tree lighting will be taking place on Friday as well. The trees will be lighted from the outermost sides of the shopping park, meeting at the center where a large Christmas tree will be lit.