AWOLNATION rocks the stage

Guy Burstein

(Nov. 22, 2011) — Early in the evening, as tourists and locals walked quickly over the stars of Hollywood, hundreds of music fans gathered outside of the famous Music Box, in Hollywood. On November 3rd, indie alternative pop band AWOLNATION played at the Music Box along with opening bands Twin Atlantic and Middle Class Rut. The newly famous band, known for genre-mixing songs such as “Not Your Fault” and their hit song, “Sail,” gave a performance as energetic and exciting as all their music. The concert began with the Scottish rock band, Twin Atlantic. The band played well, but far too loud, making the lyrics difficult to understand. They were not particularly innovative, but for what they were, which is a loud rock band, the band performed very well. The band was also very comfortable with the audience, telling stories and jokes while warming the crowd up for the following bands. Soon after Twin Atlantic ended, Middle Class Rut, a two-person alternative rock band began to play. Although the band had a much simpler performance, with only a guitar and a drum set, the band managed to play much more innovative music, with guitarist Zack Lopez’s voice especially shining during some of the songs. As Middle Class Rut continued to play, more and more people poured into the, until then, half-vacant building. By the end of Middle Class Rut’s set, the lower stage and most of the balcony was entirely filled. As the curtain set on Middle Class Rut, the entire building buzzed with anticipation for AWOLNATION to begin playing. Most of the people present to the concert were there to see AWOLNATION, and after the first few songs, it was easy to see why. The band managed to make every song different and creative, with songs having everything from metal-like screaming to electronic beats in a unique mixture which is hard to describe. Throughout the performance, lead singer Aaron Bruno repeatedly encouraged the crowd to crowd-surf, a request which was eagerly followed and energized the crowd. However the concert reached a peak once AWOLNATION began to play their most famous song, “Sail.” The band was greeted with roaring applause as they began to play the award-winning song, inspiring three or four people to crowd surf at the same time. The crowd on the main floor was extremely energetic and at the end of the song, most of the balcony gave the band a standing ovation. Overall, AWOLNATION gave a show that was exciting for lovers of many different types of music. From their loud, rock-concert like playing to the creative lyrics with sometimes metal-like screeches, it was an interesting and unique performance.