Students attend Rock ‘n Run

Guy Burstein

(October 27, 2011) — For most, the morning of Oct. 1 was spent just like any Saturday morning, sleeping. For the over 3000 people participating in the Gladiator Rock’n’Run at the Rose Bowl, however, the day was spent getting muddy, running over mountains, and avoiding obstacles. Though a run is usually a serious event, with sports clothing and stopwatches, this event attracted an entirely different crowd. Runners dressed up in Superman costumes and face paint ran through rivers, mud, and forests. The Gladiator Rock’n’Run lasted for over ten kilometers (6.2 miles), going around the Rose Bowl and through the neighboring Brookside Golf Course. For the event’s several hours, regulars to the area were shocked by thousands of runners covered in mud and sweat. One thing which separates the race from other races was the presence of 14 different obstacles which all competitors had to go through in order to complete the race. Although some were as simple as climbing over tires, other obstacles involved crawling through mud and wading through icy water, only to be covered in mud again. Once the run ended, however, the event did not end. The “rock” part of the Rock’n’Run was a concert and party which greeted the tired finishers of the race. With free drinks, bands and rewards, it was a welcome site to the weary runners. Despite the uniqueness of the event, this Rock’n’Run isn’t the only one of its kind. The Gladiator Rock’n’Run also plans for another run to take place in San Diego in the coming months. In addition, other races, such as the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge race, are available for anyone willing to take the challenge.