Protesting for the sake of protesting

Guy Burstein

(October 27, 2011) — Since Sept. 17, around a thousand people of the Occupy Wall Street movement have gone to Wall Street every day and protested companies and business men. They dream of a world that is no longer run by companies, but instead is run by what they call the “99%.” What these people don’t realize is they are protesting the companies and the people that make them rich. They are using the Internet, iPhones and their parents’ money, and then turning around to blame their problems on Google, Apple and the banking system. These are not the things ruining America. Companies like these are the only ones who still help make America rich. And who are these protesters really? They are union workers and socialists. They are liberals and progressives. They are rich college students. Yet these people say they represent the “99%.” But fortunately, those protesting on Wall Street are not the 99%. The actual 99% cannot afford to take days and weeks out from their lives to sit on Wall Street and get nothing done. The actual 99% were the ones trying to get to work while protesters blocked the Brooklyn Bridge. The actual 99% don’t care what these people have to say because they can see that “big business” may not be the greatest group of people, but at least at the end of the day, working with them gets you a salary, benefits and a retirement. Protesting them gets you nothing but some media attention and fulfills some sort of emotional need to fight for social change. These people are not protesting because they think they will get anything done. Many of them don’t even know what they want to get done. They are protesting because they come from a college class full of idealistic ideas on how to “change the world,” and don’t really think about exactly what it is they are asking for. These are just people who are protesting for the sake of protesting. Of course this is not to say that they do not have a right to protest. The great thing about living in America is that there is nothing illegal with people protesting something that they think is unjust. Those people just shouldn’t be shocked when the actual 99% is too busy getting to work to listen.