Nitros defeat Tornadoes in the 2010 Homecoming game

Hasmik Djoulakian

(Nov. 23, 2010) — Ice sliding down his shirt, dripping in Gatorade that his kids soaked him with, Glendale High football Coach Alan Eberhart smiled joyously over his team’s win in the Nov. 12 Glendale High v. Hoover High football game. The Nitros triumphed over the Tornadoes with a score of 54-19. Junior Alex Yoon of Glendale High was anxiety-ridden before the start of the game, but felt all that anxiety wash away after his team’s first offensive drive in which he scored. Running it in, he could hear the crowd cheering, see the defenders running at him trying to take him down, and his teammates blocking for him, but one thing stuck out in his mind: to get the ball into the end zone. Yoon felt great to be keeping the lead going for his team. Before the game even started, it was apparent that the night was going to be one worth attending. The tickets sold out at the main station, and the students had to start going around the school to a second one. It was hard to imagine the stands being more packed, and the people being more excited for what was sure to be a good game. “School spirit is very important to make your high school experience more memorable,” said sophomore Sona Avdalyan from Glendale High. “Going to these football games and cheering for your school makes you feel involved and makes you take pride in your school.” The second half started with a score of 26-13 in favor of Glendale High. Two more touchdowns on the part of Yoon was his highlight in the second half of the game. As the game ended and the Nitros emerged victorious, Yoon was thrilled. “I just felt like I never wanted that night to end, I just felt like it was the best feeling that I’ve ever had before,” he said. Junior Marvin Alvarado of the Tornadoes kicked off the ball at the beginning of the second half. Alvarado spent the majority of the game in the sidelines, though he had practiced intensely in preparation for the game. About the outcome of the game, he says, “We went all out. We went a hundred percent; it just wasn’t enough. I’m still proud of our team.”