Anooshik Tahmasian

The campus was filled with music, dancing, lights and the voices of students singing away.

Clark’s Euphoric homecoming continued the new tradition, turning out to be just as successful as the first. An outstanding number of 589 students attended the event, a small difference from last year’s guest count. “We always have a concern about there not being enough people in attendance, especially since the guests were limited to GUSD students only,” sophomore ASB student Leah Zakaryan said.  “I expected there to be about 300-400 people realistically so I am really glad more people were able to enjoy our work.”

This year’s homecoming featured a gem station for students to bedazzle themselves and get into the Euphoric theme, an LED photo booth with various signs, and of course a DJ. Music ranged from popular party songs to Armenian music. “I think the DJ, especially being a student, did a really nice job with the music choices and knowing what would appeal to students because there was never a moment where people weren’t dancing, singing, or smiling,” said junior Christie Ghazaryan. 

For the freshman in attendance, this was their first taste of high school dances and what is to come the next four years. Freshman Pavel Melikyan said, “It was a little intimidating since many of the sophomores, juniors, and seniors were very comfortable and immediately had fun while it took some of us, freshmen, a little longer to get situated, but overall I had a good experience with my friends and hope to experience more events like this.”

As the loud music accompanied by flashing lights and the singing voices of students filled the campus, Clark was engulfed by euphoria. “It felt like I was at a concert since everyone was singing to the songs and people were throwing glow sticks,” sophomore Tatev Avetisyan said. The only thing that could have been better was the decorations. Besides the pink and blue table covers and the balloons at the entrance, there wasn’t much else.” 

Not only were students dancing, but Ms. Kortoshian and Dr. Landisi joined the crowd of students as well. As Ms. Kortoshian was dancing, she was presented with two cakes and red roses by seniors Mark and Kirk Khashadoorian. “It was really nice seeing the administrators dance too and knowing that they are there for us and care about us being happy,” said junior Nare Babakhanian

As the event approached the end the students and DJ, senior Shant Rajoyan, were caught in a flood of surprise. The school water sprinklers went off and to add to the surprise one of the pumps started flooding the area where the DJ’s equipment was set up. ASB students and teachers were quick to help out by moving the equipment up onto the amphitheater steps. To add to the sprinklers going off students were throwing water as others danced adding to the wet and messy ending. “It wasn’t the ideal end anyone imagined but at least it was at the end of the night and everyone still enjoyed a majority of the event,” junior Leona Dilanyan said. Even though the night was cut short, it is safe to say that Clark’s second homecoming was a great success thanks to the sophomore class and their class advisor Ms. Yogurtian.