Students burning up under California’s recent heat wave

The temperatures at the highest theyve been all year.


The temperatures at the highest they’ve been all year.

Trisha Gomez, Photo Editor

Around the Clark campus, the recent heat wave took a toll on some of the students. Simple things such as dress code and daily routines became much harder for students to do.

Beginning in late August, California was hit by a heat wave. Starting from Aug. 28 and stretching all the way to Sept. 4, this came to locals as a surprise, with temperatures reaching 108 degrees.

Up at the top of the amphitheater, many of the juniors and seniors felt the heat under the shade. Due to the uncomfortable temperatures, some students resorted to staying in the halls during snack and lunch to keep cool. “It’s been way too hot to go outside,” said senior David Esmailyan, “especially with temperatures reaching the high 90s and 100s.” Even out of school, some students changed up their daily routines. “I’ve been walking my dog much later in the evening,” said senior Richard Ser Manukyan.

Students not only changed where they hung out, but how they dressed. Finding pieces of clothing that did not clash with the school’s dress code was definitely a challenge. “I would say one of the biggest disadvantages of the heat is trying to keep up with the dress code,” said senior Sophia Gonzales. “With the heat, it’s difficult to wear the same stiff polos and khaki pants every day without dying of heatstroke.”

In addition to the extreme highs on Sept. 31, a wildfire sparked up at La Tuna Canyon, causing the shutdown of the 210 freeway and evacuations in the Burbank and Glendale areas. The fire burned more than 7,000 acres with the evacuation of 700 residents.