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Lilit Vartanian becomes a U.S. History teacher and an Economics teacher.

Lilit Vartanian comes back to be a teacher not a sub

Lilit Vartanian, Clark’s new US History and Economics teacher, is one of the nine new teachers hired this year. This is not her first year teaching. Before she taught for nine years in two different charter schools. Vartanian also has subbed at Clark Magnet, so this is not her first time teaching at Clark.

“I subbed at Clark many years ago, and so I knew the culture of the school,” Vartanian said. “ It was definitely a school then that I wanted to be a part of, so when I had the opportunity, I took it.”

“Since I graduated from Hoover, I had always wanted to come back and teach in Glendale,” Vartanian said. “That was always kinda a passion or dream for me because I graduated from Glendale Unified, so I’ve always wanted to come back here.”

Vartanian said that she was not inspired to teach by a dramatic event. Ever since she was little, she claims that she had always found teaching appealing whenever she saw her elementary teachers.

“One of my cousins knew that I loved to pretend to be a teacher, so she bought me a little chalk board, and that was the best gift ever,” Vartanian said. “It always was just something that I always have wanted to do.”

When she was a student, history and government teacher Nicholas Doom taught at Hoover. After  graduation, Doom taught Vartanian in one of her credential classes at Cal State Los Angeles.

Vartanian earned a bachelor’s in social science, certified to teach single subject, history, and she also earned a master’s degree in education.

“I think she will be a tremendous addition to our class. She is exactly not a newbie, she has taught at different schools,” Doom said. “I am proud to serve with her.”

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