Students “ball up” with Pruitt


Elise Mariano

Ashot Voskanyan

AJ Garcia, Staff Writer

A much anticipated basketball game occurred on May 6 during enrichment at the school gym featuring English teacher Conrad Pruitt, teamed up with junior girls Prenny Sarkissian and Melissa Manouki, against juniors Michael Benliyan and Ashot Voskanyan, and senior Gary Kirakosian.

The first five minutes of enrichment were spent warming up by shooting jumpers from all over the court. “We didn’t plan the teams ahead of time,” Pruitt said. “We just decided who is playing who when we were on the court.”

The game was originally proposed by history teacher Nicholas Doom, and it was supposed to be a one-on-one game between Pruitt and Sarkissian. “I decided to make it into a three-versus-three match because there are certain things that wouldn’t make one-on-one interesting,” Pruitt said.

Ten minutes into the game, Pruitt’s team was down by a few points. The game was intense the moment it started, and the crowd reacted intensely to Voskanyan’s steal from Pruitt. Benliyan, Voskanyan and Kirakosian made many jump shots, barely missing any. “I only made four shots because every time I got the ball, I didn’t want to shoot or else it would disrupt the offensive flow,” Pruitt said.

Manouki was the first to make a two-point shot for Pruitt’s team. On the other team, Benliyan caught the attention of the crowd when blocking Sarkissian’s shot. Voskanyan also created a great impression on the crowd, making three shots in a row, followed by two three pointers.

Although Pruitt, Sarkissian and Manouki lost, it was an experience that they enjoyed. “I had a lot of fun playing, and plus it was my first time playing at Clark,” Manouki said. “It was nice playing with Mr. Pruitt and Prenny.”

Pruitt is currently requesting for a re-match against the team. “This was the first time we all played with each other, so we didn’t know each others’ styles, but if we get a second chance, we would all play better,” Pruitt said. Pruitt also desires to put a faculty team together to play against students.

Pruitt summed up the entire game in the phrase, “They couldn’t miss, but we did.”

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