The boys in blue at the World Cup

Ramon Tumbucon, Online-Content Editor

The qualifiers and storylines leading to the World Cup are four years of goals, tactics and plays boiling down to a month of international champions. With the woes of the Super Bowl behind them, Americans with the addition of worldwide fans are going to enjoy a different type of football: soccer at the FIFA World Cup. The FIFA World Cup, taking place every four years, will be hosted in Brazil; the first time it will be hosted in South America since 1978.

Our American heroes are placed in one of the toughest groups in tournament. Although Germany and Portugal are not the most known teams, all are highly competitive and have the chance to knock team U.S. out of the tournament; none of the wins will be easy. Germany is always high up in the ranked teams due to their great forwards such as Bastian Schweinsteiger, Thomas Muller and Mesut Özil, as well as their wonderful goalkeeper Neur.

Portugal is already known for their fantastic and good looking striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, and his amazing scoring abilities. And although Ghana may not be the most typical contender, they have proved via their group preliminaries they are a team to reckon with.

And where does this leave Team U.S.A.? Where does this leave Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan, who stole our hearts in 2010? Now with fantastic German coach Jurgen Klinsmann at the helm, and Dempsey on the field, our boys in blue have a legitimate chance to exiting their Group and maybe even possible getting a berth in the Finals.