Why do “car guys” hate electric cars so much?



A gas powered car with its gas pipe and an electric car with its battery charger is displayed.

As electric car manufacturing becomes more common and affordable, and gas prices begin to skyrocket more than people could have anticipated, more individuals begin turning to electric vehicles (EVs). For some, this is a solution that saves $800-$1000 a year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

However, anyone who follows up on cars on social media or even discusses cars with their friends will automatically notice the negative and even toxic comments towards electric cars from “car guys.”  

Electric cars are something that are new and unknown to car fanatics, who are attached to every aspect of a gas powered vehicle ranging from the mechanical parts to the engine noises that it makes. California has passed laws banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035. This has caused many individuals to develop a hate against EVs because their favorite car brands, like Ford, Chevrolet, and Ram, are going to stop gas powered car production in the future and switch to electric cars.

According to a survey done by Motor Biscuits, a car-news website, misconceptions about EVs also cause this hatred. Many “car guys” love the performance of a gas powered car and believe that electric cars have weak performance, are slow, and have a low driving range. But this is simply not true today. Today, many electric cars are superior to gas-powered cars in terms of their performance. Many EVs, like Teslas, deliver a quick acceleration due to the instantaneous torque from their electric motors. Also, the driving range of today’s EVs are more than enough for most drivers and are also always increasing because of online updates.

Another study done by Car Throttle on car fanatics says that many have strong and passionate feelings for specific car brands. For them, cars are a big part of their identity. So, with many new electric car brands coming out, car enthusiasts feel uncomfortable and view these new car brands as threatening. The fear of change causes hatred towards the evolution of cars. However, new car brands don’t necessarily have to be scary, because more advanced cars provide safer and smoother driving experiences. Also, more cars produced causes more curiosity.

Again, some will just hate electric cars because they are electric and not gas-powered. They won’t change their mind because they just love the auto parts that gasoline cars have that electric cars don’t, like the engine of the car and the sound of the exhaust. But most likely in the future, when electric cars will become the new norm, this hatred towards EVs will dissipate.