Super Nintendo World will be the Star of 2023


Alexa Sophia Camanag

The colorful buildings and intricate designs of Super Nintendo World are finally presented to the awaiting Nintendo fandom.

After four years of construction and the final touches being placed, guests will finally be immersed in Super Nintendo World; filled with intricate designs and fan-favorite characters; Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and King Koopa.

The adaptation of this world has high expectations due to another adaptation in Osaka, Japan. The park design fully embraces the Mario franchise due to the design of the buildings accurately reflecting the video game; not just the vibrant colors, but also the outdoor animatronics. 

Guests are able to see the iconic piranha plants, goombas, thwomps, pokeys, and more just moving around the land. This land is filled with excitement with bursts of color and movement in every direction. 

The most memorable aspect of Super Nintendo World is its video game origins. Unlike other attractions in the park that are based on different movies and shows, this portion of the park introduces a new type of amusement. Other attractions like “The Mummy,” “Transformers,” “Harry Potter”, and “Jurassic Park,” are heavily focused on the production of their films, while this one is much more playful and vibrant. 

Super Nintendo World focuses on the creative aspects of the Mario franchise by keeping guests interactive and surprised through its precise decorateration. The vibrant colors showcase the real beauty and creativity behind this land and how well it connects with the guests who enjoy being part of a real-life videogame. 

One of the additions to this world is the Toadstool Cafe! It is a memorable dining experience one would not want to miss out on due to it being a special-themed Mario restaurant. When entering the mushroom-shaped restaurant, diners are able to view a digital depiction of Chef Toad preparing the meals for the day.

Guests are able to indulge in the tasty food, drinks, and desserts that were crafted by Chef Toad while enjoying the delightful scenery of the Mushroom Kingdom displayed through the windows. 

Another special aspect of the park is Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge which is made possible through augmented reality (AR) technology. It allows guests to play various Mario Kart games in real life, turning a childhood pastime into a reality.

It was impressive to see how detailed this attraction was because of the physical sets. Universal incorporated special places like Dolphin Shoals, Grumble Volcano, and Rainbow Road. The goal of this attraction is to earn a bountiful amount of coins and defeat as many enemies as possible. If your team wins, the prize is the Universal Cup. 

There were many souvenirs and merchandise that kept guests eagerly waiting in long lines. The Pop-Up bands connect to an app on your phone that allows you to track your progress in capturing the golden mushrooms and the virtual coins collected from the Mario Kart ride. 

There are possibilities for fans of the Nintendo Mario franchise to be disappointed due to their high expectations and it’s a long-awaited attraction in Universal. However, Super Nintendo World set the bar outstandingly high due to the attraction being much different from others and how well Universal adapted the Mario franchise; the intricate designs in the buildings, and the main characters being the stars of the land.