Ways to be Stylish with the Clark Dress Code – For Girls 


Sloan Gates

A basic outfit that will fit the dress code.Sl

Sloan Gates, Staff Writer

The dress code at Clark Magnet High can feel really restricting. Currently, it consists of plain collared shirts, slacks, and uniform type skirts. It’s hard to feel like your own unique self when wearing the dress code. When wanting to style your outfit, it depends on what look you’re going for.

Collared shirts, slacks, and pleated skirts all give off a very classy and preppy vibe. It’s easy to give into that aesthetic with the dress code. Accessorizing with a fun patterned sweater vest over your collared shirt can add individuality to your outfit though. Plain sweaters or cardigans instead of hoodies can add a not so ordinary and different type of style. Other types of clothes like letterman jackets or coats also add a nice flare. Letterman jackets are iconic. You can add patches and badges to them on the arms, giving each one the opportunity to become unique.

Shoes also play a big role. Loafers are really popular right now at Clark as they cooperate with the Clark dress code and style. Many people wear loafers specifically made by Doc Martens.  Boots like Uggs are great for wintertime and have many different types of styles. They add a cozy and comfy look. Doc Martens are fun and can help pull a look together with their simple and iconic black lace-up boots. Nike Jordans, Dunks, and Converse are also all very popular right now and can give off more of a sporty look. 

Socks are important and essential when wearing almost any type of shoe. Simple white Nike socks are often worn with almost every shoe. Socks from Brandy Melville are also popular as they usually have cute and simple designs and patterns on them. Most of the time, socks aren’t that important when everyone is focused on your shoes, but it can be noticeable if you wear patterns that clash. 

Adding jewelry will help add detail and sparkle but can also influence different aesthetics in your outfits. Whether it’s a dainty gold chain necklace or a chunky silver bracelet these can help add glam and style. Bracelets are always nice to have because they shape a look and tie it together. They can add more focus to the arms, which in turn can draw the eye to look at an entire outfit. Earrings contain a wide variety of different staples that can fit different styles. Small hoops and simple studs are very popular and help light up the face, while longer earrings may help elongate the neck or face. Earrings offer a lot of freedom, as there are so many different types of styles. One style that is really popular is miniature figures, like a miniature boba drink, or a lollipop hanging off the ear.

Well-styled and prepped hairstyles can add something fun to a plain uniform. Braids are easy to pull off since there are many different styles. Whether it’s a plain braid or two braids wrapped around into space buns, braids have a lot of variety. On the other hand, adding ribbons and clips to just a plain hairstyle can help hair look super cute. Wearing hair half up and half down is fun and functional, since it keeps the hair out of the face and long in the back. There are such a wide variety of different types of hairstyles.

Popular stores that include dress code safe options are; H&M, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Forever 21, Brandy Melville, Hollister, Aeropostale, Zara, Old Navy, Target, Aritzia, and American Eagle. Old Navy and J. Crew offer great options for pants that are comfortable and cute. Aritzia, Target, and Nordstrom all give great options for colorful and classy skirts. Aeropostale, Holister, and Brandy Melville have cute and affordable polo shirts. Aeropostale offers a lot of different colors and often has different sales and deals that can help you save a buck. Don’t feel pressured into the latest trends if you find a style that you especially like. It’s important to remember that you can follow your own style and not let a dress code stop you from expressing yourself and your creativity.