What does one of Glendale’s newest bubble tea shops, Happy Cup, offer?


Meri Sahakyan

Two of Happy Cup’s most popular drinks, the Brown Sugar Heaven and the Midnight Star.

It is not uncommon to find boba shops in Glendale, and half a mile from the Americana, located on North Glendale Avenue, is the bubble tea shop Happy Cup which offers customers a unique experience.

The business opened in 2021 under the former building of The Hotel Glendale, featuring 1920s architecture. Happy Cup usually has beautiful decorations all over the shop based on the season, whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, spring, or Christmas, you feel the spirit as soon as you walk in. They also make an effort to stay on top of the trends and introduce new seasonal drinks.

Bubble tea first originated in Taiwan and has been modified into different variations all around the world. Happy Cup focuses on perfecting traditional methods of hand-making each product that comes out of the shop, as they say, “going back to our roots.” 

While considered a boba shop, Happy Cup also offers teas, slushies, and refreshers made with tropical fruits and fresh ingredients such as aloe, passion fruit, dragon fruit, and more. They have  some of the most creative and tasty drinks with beautiful colors and toppings. There is a lot of effort put in to ensure that the drinks taste just as great as they look.

After trying Happy Cup to see what they offer compared to other boba shops, I have gone back every time I have had the chance. They offer some well known milk teas, such as Thai tea, and some creative ones, such as the Blue Honey milk tea. After trying various drinks from their menu, I fell in love with their Brown Sugar Heaven, which pairs perfectly with their chewy boba and coffee jelly topping.

The baristas are all extremely friendly and give you a memorable experience. They give great recommendations based on your tastes and are able to hold conversations while they make drinks. The first time I stepped into the shop, I immediately felt comfortable with the new environment after a warm welcome and conversation with the barista.

The shop is a very visually and aesthetically pleasing place to be in. It is usually not crowded, has tables to sit at, and a calming atmosphere all around which is why many people, especially teenagers, prefer to hang out with friends inside or get some work done. 

Students, staff, and family around Glendale and La Cresenta, whether they want to enjoy some drinks with friends, get some work done in a delightful environment, or simply order to-go can visit Happy Cup and give it a try. Simply choose your drink, get creative with toppings, and don’t forget to ask for boba.