Starbucks drinks to “Fall” for


Divinia Dilsizian

The different items in the Starbucks Fall menu.

With the start of another fall season comes a new delicious menu at Starbucks. Getting more of a fall “vibe,” this menu will get you started this season with its variety of drinks and food. Get cozy in your cardigan or whatever keeps you warm while I review some of my favorite drinks and food off of the fall menu. 

Starbucks has a very diverse menu: by offering a variety of drinks like refreshers and coffee as well as food on the side like sandwiches, and bagels, Starbucks manages to satisfy any craving. With the fall menu releasing, people are getting ready to order their regular drinks and try new limited drinks that came out this season. 

Starting off with the fall classic, the pumpkin spice latte is one the most popular and iconic drinks for the fall season at Starbucks, since it immediately gives a cozy fall feeling with its pumpkin and espresso flavors together. This drink consists of pumpkin sauce, espresso, tea, milk of your choice, and pumpkin spice with the option of whipped cream; it can also be made iced or hot. Although the pumpkin flavor might be too strong, I like how the whipped cream balances it out making it sweeter for me to enjoy. Without the whipped cream, the pumpkin spice latte has a more bitter flavor which can be preferable to some people, but the whipped cream is a better way to go.

For non-coffee drinkers and people with a sweet tooth, the next drink is the Pumpkin Chai. I usually get this drink more than the regular Iced Chai Latte because it has more flavor and the right amount of sweetness. This drink consists of chai tea, pumpkin spice syrup, and milk of your choice. It can be iced, blended, or preferably hot. This drink is a personal favorite since I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis. 

One of the newest drinks off of the fall menu is the apple crisp macchiato. As a new item on the menu, expectations for this drink were high. However, it is actually far too sweet. This drink is like a fall candle in a drink, but not in a pleasant way. It consists of tea, apple brown sugar, spiced apple drizzle, and milk of your choice. Although the ingredients seem appetizing mixed together, actually tasting it, not so much. The sweetness in this drink is not for the weak. The apple flavor was way too artificially flavored causing it to be my least favorite drink on the menu. 

This fall menu does not only include drinks but also includes food items. Compared to the other pastries on the menu, the pumpkin scone doesn’t live up to expectations because it doesn’t have as much flavor as the other pastries and the icing on top is the only enjoyable part of this pastry. Similarly to the pumpkin scone, the pumpkin cream cheese muffin also doesn’t live up to my expectations. Personally, I don’t prefer cream cheese with desserts, so this was one of the food items that I didn’t enjoy out of the entire fall menu. I don’t think the cream cheese was actually necessary with the muffin, and it would’ve been great as a stand-alone pastry. 

Well now don’t waste time and run to Starbucks and try out the fall menu, specifically my favorite drink which I highly recommend: the pumpkin chai. You’ll really “fall” for it.