How Golovkin Was Robbed of His Wins



Gennady Golovkin landing an uppercut on Canelo Alvarez in their second match.

Two big boxing sensations, three fights, and yet one champion: Gennady Golovkin was robbed. It all started on September 16, 2017, when Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin went head to head in the ring for the WBA Super Middleweight Championship. The fight ended in a draw, leaving many fans including myself, furious. There had to be a finale, and there had to be a clear winner. 

Golovkin should have been given the victory. He walked in strong and outboxed his opponent, Canelo Alvarez. Many fight fans, such as myself, were left devastated because of the result. Behind the scenes, Golovkin was really cheated on by the judges. Since no one was knocked out during the fight, it was up to the judges to play around with the points and decide on who to give the victory to. The judges scored the fight a draw. But, it was crystal clear that Golockin won. The judges didn’t want to give the victory to Golovkin because Canelo is much more famous and well-known across America, which means he makes more money for these American boxing platforms. They also couldn’t give the loss to Golovkin since many fans would consider this a fraud because of Golovkin’s performance. So as long as there was room to give a draw, the judges took it. 

With the tie came a second fight on September 15, 2018, where Golovkin again outboxed his rival, Canelo Alvarez. However, on the judges’ split decision by one point, the victory was given to Canelo, which left Golovkin cheated again. Once more boxing fans were not convinced of the win because Golovkin’s masterful, entertaining, and skilled fighting as the underdog was once more ignored. Giving the fight to Canelo by a one-point advantage is a biased move by the judges

Now, four years later, when everyone thought that these fighters would get a fair chance to prove their worth, a final winner was decided. On September 17, 2022, with the results of the trilogy fight, Golovkin lost. Canelo won the fight fair and square. However, the thing that doesn’t sit right with many fight fans is how Canelo took so long to accept the fight. Four years went by until Canelo accepted Golovkin’s offer to fight again. No doubt Canelo waited this long so he can fight Golovkin, who would be older and easier to beat. We saw this in Golovkin’s performance in the third fight as he didn’t punch as much or as hard as he could have, which he was able to do in the last two fights. Golovkin was 35 during his first fight, and now he is 40 during his third fight.

With these three fights, Gennady Golovkin was taken advantage of and cheated on by false and biased judging. He is still an amazing fighter and should be respected for all that he has achieved in his career, regardless of his losses.