Why SeaWorld Should Shut Down



Amaya, the orca who died in captivity at just six years old.

SeaWorld is a typical vacation destination for many families, mainly for those with younger children. Although it seems like a wonderful place to view sea life, controversy about SeaWorld has been rising that shows the once sanctuary-like company is no longer a safe haven for these sea creatures. . 

SeaWorld is known for having their Shamu, an orca whale who puts on a show, as the main attraction. There have been over 40 different orca whales used as entertainment for the “iconic” SeaWorld show while many have died a sad death. These animals are bred and raised in captivity which proves to be harmful for them. The living conditions are too small for the animals that inhabit them while the staff at SeaWorld treats the animals poorly. 

On January 14th, 2022, the club president of Clark’s Anti-Animal Cruelty club, Emily Simonyan, gave a presentation on the true harms of SeaWorld that the corporation tries to hide. “Although I went to SeaWorld when I was a kid, I don’t go anymore because what they do is ethically wrong. I think the best solution is to keep boycotting SeaWorld so they’re forced to go out of business” said Simonyan. Over the years, people have become more aware of the truth behind SeaWorld’s facade and in result, their annual sales have declined by 53%. 

SeaWorld put out an ad in their own defense to rebuttal the harsh claims and assumptions people have been making. People say the whales in captivity suffer shorter life spans and in response, SeaWorld claimed that this is no longer the case as they have improved their system to accommodate the whales. Though this might be the case for orcas, other animals are still left to deal with tight living quarters as they quarrel with each other due to frustration. They harm their teeth as they try to bite their way out of their cages. Oftentimes, the staff is required to drug the animals, mainly the orcas, in an effort to calm their nerves and keep them under control. Drugs are often used to calm female orcas from resisting forced reproduction. SeaWorld workers use drugging the animals as the only solution to problems and continue to abuse them for not cooperating. 

Although SeaWorld provides a small happiness for the families that attend, there are still secrets being kept behind the scenes. There have been several ex-workers that have broken off from the company and taken a side. They attempt to expose SeaWorld’s true colors and oftentimes face lawsuits for their lack of confidentiality. 

As time goes on, awareness about this issue should continue to be brought up so people are aware of what they are truly funding when attending SeaWorld. Only then will the company make a change for the better.