Disney’s Spookiest and Most Memorable Nights


The photo of Alexa Sophia Camanag, showing her wristband and map to the exclusive and selective event, the Oogie Boogie Bash.

Every year Disneyland hosts an exclusive Halloween event: The Oogie Boogie Bash. The event was closed last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but this year it is back because of lifted restrictions.

A guest who purchases a park hopper ticket will be able to attend both parks—Disneyland and California Adventure. However, to enter the Halloween event, the guest will have to pay for a separate ticket. 

Every year this event is held at California Adventure park and it’s for all ages: kids, teens, adults, and any person who enjoys the Halloween spirit. 

The Oogie Boogie Bash is a Disney Halloween themed party, where guests could dress up as their favorite Disney character, ride on holiday themed attractions, enjoy scrumptious food in Halloween themed restaurants, spot their favorite Disney villains, and the most important of all is go trick or treating. 

This event is one of Disney’s most limited events during the months of September and October, yet even while being a private event their tickets are already sold out. 

At 6pm if a guest remains inside California Adventure they will be asked to leave so the Oogie Boogie guests who are wearing wrist bands can enter. Guests who have wrist bands can enter California Adventure as early as 3pm and go anywhere before the main event starts. 

The event “Oogie Boogie Bash” is mainly in California Adventure, and it is decorated in a whimsical and scary way.

Moving on to the attractions, an all time favorite are the Treat Trails that are set up throughout California Adventure park, as if the guests are going trick-or-treating to houses, but this event the guests trick-or-treat to different attractions. If guests arrive late, they don’t have to worry because Disney has an abundant supply of candy. In each trail there is a selection of various candies, such as M&M’s, Starbursts, Twix, Snickers, and more. And each trail leads you one step closer to spotting your all-time favorite Disney villain. The main villains I saw were Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Jafar, Captain Hook, Dr. Faciler, and Agatha Harkneess. 

Most elements of this event remained unchanged from the 2019 Oogie Boogie Bash, however, there are new villains who come along the Treat Trails such as Cruella DeVille from the live-action Cruella and Agatha Harkness from the famous Disney Marvel show Wanda Vision.

Villains Grove is where you would go if you want to get spooked and creeped out. It is located near Grizzly Peak and it’s the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. It does not feature any Disney villains, but the attraction relies on the brilliant lights, magical fog, festive music, and the projection of scary looking ghosts and shadows. 

And lastly an event that guests must see is the new show called World of Color—villainous edition. This show features a young girl named Shelley Marie, and she has to make a decision about her Halloween costume. Shelley goes through an unforgettable journey with villainous encounters, such as, Ursula, The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Hades, Jafar, and more. In addition, this show features several Disney characters and uses the fountain and special effects to bring this show alive and will ultimately bring out the villain inside of you. 

Oogie Boogie Bash is definitely a Halloween experience Disney fans should not miss out on. If guests weren’t able to attend this year because the tickets were sold out, then in the future, guests should mark their calendars in June or the months before September and October. So they would be able to purchase the tickets for this exclusive event and not miss out on it next time.