Partying during the pandemic isn’t the answer


Wikimedia Commons

If everyone follows the CDC guidelines, then the COVID-19 cases would get lower and people can go out partying without any worries.

This Covid-19 pandemic has been very stressful, with all the strict regulations, strict rules, mask wearing and social distancing. It has been very challenging especially with the things other than Covid such as the big fires, deadly hornets, unpredictable earthquakes and sudden deaths from famous stars.

It’s been so hard to not just simply break the rules. Visiting family and friends can risk your health, and even simply going outside to enjoy things that are enjoyable is difficult. It’s normal to feel tired and exhausted from everything that’s been going on, but there are points where the rules still apply.

No matter how long the days get during quarantine, how our temptations to go out to meet family or friends or  . However,iIt is important to understand that all of these rules are happening to keep everyone safe.

Many people went partying this year during a whole global pandemic, and because of these big gatherings it is causing the risks of spreading the Coronavirus and making Covid-19 cases grow.

Ever since the start of the pandemic, the CDC has acknowledged and announced that social distancing yourself from everyone is the safest thing anyone can do to prevent themselves and others from getting the virus and spreading it. 

Going to a party is never a good idea. It does not matter if people are wearing a mask, wearing gloves or even staying six feet away. Doing so will not stop the spread and people are still at risk.

Coronavirus can be spread by someone’s cough or even it being airborne. Going home after coming from a party will bring the risks not only to people who went to the party, but to the people who live in the same household of that person. 

If more people are going out to parties, it will probably soon inspire other people to also party and go out as well. Some people think, “Oh, if they can do it why can’t I?”

Fortunately, there are alternatives to helping people who miss going out and miss seeing their friends and family:

  • Video call or calling them. 
  • Sending letters and pictures.
  • Stopping by the front of their house (in the car) and saying kind words.

Doing our part, keeping distance from others, wearing a mask, washing your hands, not dining in, quarantine for 14 days if you have been exposed to someone tested positive and getting tested will help lower the spread and risk of Covid-19.

If citizens continue to follow the guidelines, people will be able to have parties, meet with family or even go out to eat much sooner than later.