A faceless Corpse strikes internet fame

Corpse Husband erupts in popularity on platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, and Twitch,

The Sun

Corpse Husband erupts in popularity on platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, and Twitch,

Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Corpse Husband is currently one of the most viral internet sensations to come out of the rear end of 2020. As of November this year, he has amassed 5.41 million subscribers on YouTube, 3.62 million listeners on Spotify and 394,000 followers on Twitch. 

The YouTube star was previously known for his narration of true horror stories, uniquely marked by his naturally deep, raspy voice. That is no exaggeration to say — his voice is probably the most notable aspect about everything he produces. Most people, even outside of Corpse’s circle can hear his voice and go, “yeah, that’s Corpse.” 

Prior to September, he was nowhere close to as famous as he is now, but his popularity shot up Sept. 6 when he played Among Us with other YouTube stars like Pewdiepie, JaidenAnimations and Boyinaband. The video generated 12 million views for Pewdiepie, but needless to say, in the comment section, Corpse Husband stole the spotlight. All the attention was on him and his unlikely collaboration with such massive creators.

Scrolling down, there are countless comments on this video expressing much interest in Corpse and his exquisite, deep voice. He continued to shake up the internet for the following months with music releases that no one expected. E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE, perhaps his most well known work, went viral on TikTok and hit 49 million listens on Spotify.

Corpse’s rise to fame is inherently different from many others: he has never shown his face, yet he’s still incredibly recognizable. Although not a new phenomenon, it is definitely an interesting case of how strangely selective internet fame is. His brand is not built around an image or mascot but rather a personality and a voice that literally resonates with so many young people.

Perhaps it’s possible to attribute Corpse’s fame to the success of the game Among Us, which helped propel his fame. Among Us was a game that took to the skies this year. The mobile version of the hit game Among Us has officially been downloaded over 217 million times. Though the game is two years old, its popularity did not take off until 2020 and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic that came along with it. The game’s massive popularity undoubtedly introduced many new people to Corpse.

His audience is seriously no joke; they’re incredibly loyal despite his inconsistent upload schedule. This is most likely due to the massive increase in screentime for all people who have much less to do during quarantine. His most recent videos of him playing Among Us have a total 67 million views which is a testament to his popularity.

Corpse’s fanbase has some of the most devoted stans the internet has ever seen. There are countless edits of his livestreams, remixes of his songs and memes about his gameplay plastered all over YouTube. He is an incredibly unique personality and people find him appealing because of his chill demeanor. His level of influence on the internet is so great that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played Among Us with him. 

Corpse Husband demonstrates the bizarre and the explosive nature of internet fame. Coming literally out of nowhere, it’s not hard to imagine that many other young people can aspire to start their own careers on the internet. From music to gaming to art, there are so many opportunities for adolescents to grasp at and make a name for themselves.