Schools must allow vending machines


Emili Cruz Sosa

Vending machines should be allowed in schools.

Ever since schools first installed vending machines, there has been a growing parental concern on whether vending machines should continue to be in schools. In fact, according to a recent article in The Irish Times, schools should ban the ‘unhealthy vending machines.” To many students, including myself, this would be a mistake since most students enjoy buying snacks and drinks from the vending machines.

Over the years, snacks that vending machines have to offer have gotten much healthier.  According to CBS News, in 2013, the U.S Department of Agriculture replaced potato chips and candy bars that were being sold in vending machines with baked potato chips and granola bars. Also, as stated on the new standards for the national schools, in order for a snack to be sold in a school vending machine, it is required to meet strict nutrition standards. Snacks that are being sold should be low in calorie and low in fat. Before the new standards, students were being offered chocolate sandwich cookies, artificial fruit flavored candies and soda. Now, the modified and much healthier snack options that schools offer in vending machines include peanuts, light popcorn, low-fat tortilla chips, fruit cups and no-calorie flavored water.

When students are given the opportunity to buy inexpensive snacks in a vending machine, they often take the opportunity to do so. Many students acknowledge the fact that school lunches often don’t look that appetizing, and then they won’t bother eating school food. Having something to snack on instead of a school lunch is really convenient.

Vending machines not only supply snacks, but they also supply a variety of drinks. Having these types of vending machines are important because during the day students are constantly drinking water/energy drinks to stay hydrated and energized during the day. Sometimes students can forget their water bottle at home, so having vending machines will give them an opportunity to buy water to stay hydrated during the day.

Students often  forget to bring their lunch or a water bottle from home, so it’s great to be able to purchase a snack or drink from school.

Many parents complain that their kids are wasting their money when buying snacks or drinks from the vending machines, but in reality it is not only satisfying their kid’s hunger, it is also benefiting the school. According to the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire, the money that the school collects from students entering money into the vending machines is invested in school field trips, school supplies and electronics that are essential for the school to have.

All schools should include vending machines. It will not only be beneficial for the students, but also for the school.